Industrial Door Systems keep major UK company secure

Industrial Door Systems have been heavily praised with their productive approach in helping to resolve issues with two high priority UK Sites.

After major breakdowns occurred on the security barriers at two sites in Newcastle, technical representative John Horne put in place a 24 hour deadline to have the sites back up and running, maintaining security.

Through careful and efficient planning, temporary barriers were manufactured, delivered to the site and installed within a 24 hour turnover – meaning the site avoided additional costs of manned security until the new barriers required were put into production.

After the success of the action taken by Industrial Door Systems, orders have been confirmed for the instant replacement of four traffic barriers, followed by an additional five barriers to be replaced as the existing on site fail – and a recommendation for Industrial Door Systems to be the supplier of barriers on six sites under survey at the moment.

Customer Comment:

“Can I just thank you for your proactive approach in helping to resolve the issues we have had at Darlington and Newcastle. A first class service at the start of the contract which can only give a great foundation to build on.”