Fire Doors

How our quality assured industrial and commercial Fire Doors stand the test of time.

Today more than ever before, the demands of the Health & Safety Act, coupled to the insistence from insurance companies that the highest possible safety standards are maintained, mean that 4-hour fire doors are being specified in ever greater numbers. That’s why IDS are able to supply, install and maintain a complete range of competitively priced commercial and industrial fire doors that have been fully certified to either B.S. 476: Part 22 Section 8 or L.P.C. specifications. They have successfully undergone stringent 4-hour fire research centre testing in temperatures over 1000° centigrade, to ensure your peace of mind. Choose IDS for a total service in fire door protection.

Specifications – Roller Shutter Door Construction


The barrel is constructed from a mild steel tube with a solid mild steel shaft at each end, supported in bearing housings within the tube. The ends of the shafts are located in mild steel support cups, which are fixed by three bolts to the end plates with a fusible packing between the shaft and support cup.

End Plates

The end plates are bolt fixed to a mild steel angle which is fixed to the concrete lintel by anchor bolts.

Door Guide and Drop Weight

The door guide is made from a mild steel channel with a mild steel angle fixed to the structure.  The channel is fixed by anchor bolts, through slots to allow for vertical expansion.


The curtain is formed from convex faced interlocking galvanised mild steel laths nominally 0.9mm thick.  Steel end locks are fitted at each end of every second lath.  The curtain is fastened to the barrel by bolts with fusible packing, through slots to allow for horizontal expansion.

Bottom Rail

The bottom rail is fabricated from a galvanised steel ‘T’ section.

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