Automatic Doors

Industrial Door Systems is renowned throughout the industry for its professionalism and commitment to offering the best possible service to its clients.

Industrial Door Systems has for many years provided outstanding service and commitment to clients requiring automatic door systems.

You are probably familiar with the look and function of automatic doors, having seen them in schools, shops, banks, leisure facilities, warehouses, hospitals and hotels across the world.

They have grown in popularity because they make life much easier for clients who are entering and leaving premises. This is particularly the case for disabled people, elderly people or mothers who have children in prams.

In busy areas, automatic doors can improve the flow of traffic in and out of your building.

In 2004, the Disability Act stated that any barriers that prevent disabled people from entering or exiting a public place must be removed. Installing automatic doors into your premises could therefore benefit your property and comply with disabled legislation.

At Industrial Door Systems, we can provide state-of-the-art automatic door systems with many different features and benefits. This includes silent moving automatic doors, as well as at aesthetically pleasing door operation which will perfectly suit the style of your shop or hotel.

Many of our automatic door systems have built in self-diagnostic programs which will constantly monitor the door parameters and adjust them if required. This intelligent system means that they require little maintenance once installed.

The many different kinds of automatic door systems that we can fit in your premises includes automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, manual swing doors, bi-folding doors, low-energy automatic doors and single, double or leaf doors. Most doorways are able to be transformed into an automatic door system of some kind.

If you are unsure whether your premises would benefit from an automatic door, contact us today for more information about the range of automatic door systems that we can fit into your premises. Our friendly and experienced engineers at Industrial Door Systems can look at your exact requirements and see which kind of installation would suit best depending on your building and your budget. We cover all areas of the UK, including London, Manchester and Scotland.