Sliding Doors

Industrial Door Systems are committed to providing competitive and innovative door systems for your premises

Sliding doors are perhaps one of our most popular products, as they are well suited to a range of different functions and premises types. This includes in shops, restaurants, hotels, as well as industrial settings such as warehouses, factories and agricultural units.

Our industrial and commercial sliding doors are versatile solutions that come in a range of designs and colours. We can match your sliding door with the brand and style of your property or company, allowing it to blend seamlessly in with the look of your business.

Many of our clients are looking for large glass surfaces for their sliding doors, which make perfect solutions for shop fronts as well as restaurants and cafes. We can provide sliding doors with large glass surfaces to give a modern and contemporary look to the front of your premises. The toughened glass is also robust enough to be used in a high traffic area, where people are continuously going in and out of the premises using these doors.

All of our commercial and industrial sliding doors are also easy to operate and are maintenance friendly, so you do not need to worry about the door system once it has been installed. If you do have any problems, the engineers at IDS are all too happy to help you and will be attend to any issues that you may have.

Many of our clients worry about the security levels of their commercial entrances which has become a major concern for companies across the UK. The sliding doors provided by Industrial Door Systems are precision engineered using the most up-to-date materials, to give you robust and durable doors at the entrance of your premises. The doors are also fitted with a heavy duty locks and appropriate security systems which allow you to have peace of mind that your premises stay safe.

Sliding doors also fitted with every day practicality in mind and are fully insulated as well as being windproof and watertight.

Whether you would like an aluminium sliding door, a lifting door system or a single or double track door solution, Industrial Door Systems are able to attend to your needs and your budget. Contact us today for more information about any of our security door and sliding doors products. We can reach you wherever you are based in the UK, including London, Manchester and Scotland.

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