Quad Doors

The Quad fast-action industrial door is designed for high-traffic areas where high operating speed and frequency of use are major requirements. This results in outstanding operational reliability and fast and inexpensive repairs when damage occurs, as well as low operating costs.

A partially transparent curtain ensures safe transport routes and good visibility from afar. High-speed doors protect from drafts, keep temperature zones at a constant temperature and insulate against noise. In addition to this, they help to improve the working atmosphere.

What are the benefits?

Industrial Door Systems is a leading manufacturer of industrial door solutions and have for many years provided professional and reliable door solutions for a range of UK clients.

One very popular area of our service is the manufacture and fitting of Quad doors.

Quad doors are made up of a partially transparent curtain, which ensures the safe transport routes of all vehicles entering in and out of the building. The door opens vertically to allow any vehicle, such as a forklift or truck, to enter or exit the building swiftly. The transparent curtain also means that you are able to have good visibility from faraway, another benefit of the Quad door system. If you would prefer, the clear curtains can also be colour impregnated.

Quad doors are ideal in areas where there is a large amount of traffic operating at high speed and frequency. The doors are highly reliable and durable, as well as being inexpensive to repair if damage does occur. The initial cost of the quad doors is very competitive and the operating cost is also low, making it an ideal solution for any company that has a warehouse or handling area which is used regularly.

If you’re worried about drafts or temperature with the Quad doors, you can rest assured that the high-speed doors will offer the maximum protection from drafts and keep temperature zones at a constant. The doors have a fast opening time of 2 m/s, and can close at 0.5 m/s.

The quad doors can insulate against noise and many of our clients say that Quad doors improve the working atmosphere of the site.

Safety is paramount in the operation of quad doors, which is why Industrial Door Systems ensure the improved safety with a touch sensitive safety edge system. It also has additional transmitter and receiver fixed photocells. They also come fitted with an emergency opening, which is operated using an emergency hand crank.

Quad doors provided by Industrial Door Systems have many other advantages, which is why they are a leading industrial door solution across the UK and Europe.

For more information about Quad doors or any of the other products that Industrial Door Systems can provide, contact us today to speak to one of our friendly representatives. We conver all areas of the UK including London, Manchester and Scotland.

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