IDS Planning For The Future

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IDS has initiated a stepwise introduction of electrical vehicles in the company fleet.

IDS has a Fleet of over 60 vehicles and with increasing focus on the environmental impact of different fuel types, particularly the affect diesel engines has on air quality. When combined with the ongoing drive to reduce CO2 levels across the board, fleet operators are under more pressure than ever before to make sure our fleet related decisions take environmental factors into consideration. As well as the obvious environmental benefits of running a fleet of vehicles emitting low levels of CO2, there is also the potential for considerable financial benefits for the employer and the employee. The latest EVs vehicles are more efficient,  while at the same time providing a reduced tax bill for employees who use their company car for private journeys. 

Though still a relatively new technology, EVs will only continue to grow more advanced and sustainable. As the air pollution caused by driving diesel/petrol vehicles becomes a more pressing concern, EVs offer our business an intelligent alternative for  a cleaner future, IDS will continue to make a difference.