The IDS Portal

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Providing our customers with a self-service option to gain real time information, that is accessible 24/7.

Businesses today rely on software to improve efficiency, compliance or reaching customers.  That’s why at IDS, we are constantly looking at ways to move forward with the times and improve our services to give our clients more visibility.   

We have worked in partnership with  InTeck Ltd to review our IT systems and streamline our processes, to provide a more efficient and real time information.  IDS portal is a self-service option, that allows our customers throughout the UK, to view live information on jobs, worksheets, quotes, invoices, tracking, at any point of time.  This has reduced calls and emails into the office by over 40%.

It removes the manual effort that is required during the procurement process by automating most of the tasks that would normally have to be completed manually by both the company and our clients.