Quad Door Maintenance and Repairs

Quad Door Servicing

If you have Quad Doors fitted on your property, you may or may not know that under employer health and safety legislation, you should ensure that any industrial door or shutter is inspected and maintained regularly.

It is important to inspect your doors regularly because in an industrial setting where quad doors are likely to be in constant use, a minor problem with a door could become a large issue if not treated straightaway.

With people and vehicles constantly entering and exiting the building using quad doors, not inspecting your doors regularly could mean that somebody is injured if the door malfunctions.

Although many of these doors are fitted with robust safety measurements and emergency hand cranks, being extra vigilant is important in these situations.

Not checking or maintaining your quad doors could also invalidate your premises insurance.

The engineers at Industrial Door Systems can help you with regularly maintaining your quad doors to ensure their continued safe operation. If you notice a problem with your corporate doors, one of our professional engineers can visit your site to repair it as required. This ensures that your site continues to operate as normal.

For more information about the maintenance and repair of doors, contact us today. We would be happy to visit your site and inspect your doors for you, repairing when necessary and regularly maintaining to avoid any future damage.