Dock Shelters

  • Inflatable dock shelter

  • Foam dock pads

  • Rigid or retractable docks

Unique Inflatable Dock Shelter

Manufactured from high quality materials and fully compliant with the latest hygeine regulations, the inflatable dock shelter provides an ideal solution where maximum sealing is required.

They accommodate vehicles of various heights and widths at the touch of a button, with the side and head seals smoothly inflating and deflating to give an excellent protective surround.

  • Easy to Install
  • Powerful, compact fan
  • Totally encloses vehicle when inflated
  • High security double glazed panels
  • Can be mounted on lightweight constructed buildings
  • Lightweight, durable material
  • Internal retraction system keeps seals neatly parked and tidy
  • Insulated side and head panels
  • Durable Plastisol finish

Foam Dock Pads

A simple cost effective and easy to install method of achieving a seal between vehicle and loading bay.

  • Heavy duty woven fabric
  • Heavy duty wear pleats
  • Swen-In yellow parking guides
  • Timber or steel backing trays
  • Choice of fitted brackets

Rigid or Retractable Docks

Made to either finish at dock height or continued to floor level, they provide an effective wide seal on a wider range of products.

  • Heavy duty fabric
  • Aluminium framework
  • Standard bungee windguy system
  • Yellow parking guides
  • Optional corner pads for increased seals