Roller Shutter and Self Coiling

IDS Roller Shutter and Self Coiling Doors are manufactured to withstand the constant use that modern industry demands, and with the ever-increasing levels of crime and vandalism directed at business property the demand to take action to defend yourself is also increasing.

Call IDS today, we can specify and fit a full range of high quality yet very competitively priced industrial and commercial Roller Shutter Doors, Self Coiling Doors and Door Grilles in manual, electric and fire protection forms.

Roller Shutter Doors

Roller Shutter Doors are the ideal solution for most industrial applications. Each door is tailored to suit the individual characteristics of the opening for which it is built and its proven quality will provide years of trouble free operation. Our doors are manufactured to withstand the constant use that modern industry demands and their attractive appearance will enhance any building.


  • The Roller Curtain is formed from cold rolled, close annealed galvanised Mild Steel, to BS2989, Class Z2. Designed to resist deflection, each lath is retained from moving laterally by endlocks fitted at the ends of alternate laths. The bottom lath is cold rolled galvanised section is formed at each end to suit guide channels.
  • The roller brackets are fabricated to suit the structure and are not less than 6mm thick. Fitted with cast iron brackets to suit.
  • The roller barrel is constructed from electrically welded tube to BS1387 supported by mild steel spindle of suitable diameter. Each roller is counter balanced by suitable helical springs, cold formed from high tensile hard-drawn wire to BS970 EX49B, each spring is supported by cast iron rotating clutches and anchors. The tube is drilled and tapped to accept curtain.
  • Roller chain reduction is made from plate sprocket 6mm thick x 13mm pitch with tooth form in accordance with BS228 (1970). High quality precision roller chain conforming to recommendations r606 1969 capable of withstanding 50% overload connects barrel to drive medium.


  • The electric operation is geared by a motor which is supplied complete with integral limit switches to automatically stop the door moving in both up and down directions. Control is normally by push button but a full range of operating media such as induction loops and photocells are also available.
  • If the fitted doors are subject to high wind speeds, guides to retain the curtain in position and prevent damage can be supplied. We can also provide canopies to cut down on draughts and further improvements can be provided with brush strips or neoprene seals fitted around the door.

If you would like more information on our roller shutter doors, give us a call or contact us via the online enquiry form. We cover all areas of the UK including Manchester, London and Scotland.

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Self Coiling Doors

Self Coiling Roller Shutters are designed to suit the needs of small openings to control access within both industrial and commercial premises, to protect against unauthorised entry and acts of vandalism. Installing security shutters to doors and windows will guarantee that your business will be protected, and you will probably find that your insurance company will also be a lot happier that your premises are well secured. Available in a range of colours, their attractive appearance will enhance any building and may be mounted internally or externally with a range of operating media from simple self coiling to automatic electric operation. We place emphasis on quality products and superb service with only the finest raw materials being used in the construction of our doors. Our technical back-up is unsurpassed in the field of industrial doors and our comprehensive service network provides complete coverage throughout the UK 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever your requirements, IDS Roller Shutter and Self Coiling doors provide a cost effective, practical answer to your security needs.


  • All doors are manufactured to a standard that combines both lightness and strength and can be supplied in steel or aluminium with a combination of colours and finishes tailored to suit your needs.
  • The curtain is constructed from interlocking laths fitted with end-locks on each alternate lath with a formed solid rail fitted at the bottom of the opening.


  • For security, the curtain is located by way of deep guide channels which are fitted to continuous angles. The curtain is wound onto a barrel of suitable diameter to resist deflection and is sprung by best quality high tensile springs for ease of operation. Locking is by means of a central inside/outside key application as standard, and additional security devices are available on request.